We offer a refund on unwanted purchases providing that:
  • You notify us by email immediately within 7 days of receiving, with the reason, to obtain a code prior to their return.
  • Then return should be made within 7 days of receipt of this code.
  • The item/s must be in perfect condition, as received.
  • Proof of purchase is included.
  • 20% handling fee will be charged to your card, to cover handling and restocking costs.
  • You are responsible for postage costs.

If you don’t like the item you’ve chosen, notify us by email immediately, for issue of a credit number. Then return the item as advised.
We endeavour to be accurate in all our descriptions, possibly some would say, to the point of obsession.
But we feel that purchasing through a website, when buying something individual, that you can’t physically touch and inspect. Something that has wear, age, patina and romance to be assessed, needs certain questions anticipated, described and answered for you.
It is because of this distancing and lack of touch, that we’ve extended the terms of our normal returns policy, specifically for web purchases. Choose carefully, read the description fully, as you, the buyer will be paying all the postage and shipping fees, we suggest you read the description thoroughly.

Any item found to be incomplete or defective, when not so described, must be returned within 7 days of receipt of the returns code.
Email us immediately for code, prior to returning item. Damaged or misdescribed items, returned with a credit number, will not incur postage costs.

Please remember, though, that as we have been trading for over two decades, we have seen every attempt to return “damaged” items that were supposedly “only worn once” (and what a night it must have been!)
Bearing this in mind, we retain the right to decide if a piece has been deliberately damaged to secure a return.
If it was damaged in transit, also make sure to return the original packaging for insurance purposes, thanks.