All measurements are in metric, listed in millimetres (mm) as they are far more accurate on smaller items.
There are 25.4 mm to 1 Inch, so just divide mm by 25.4 to convert to inches. Or if you have a science background, youíll understand straight away.
Here in Australia weíve have decimal money, and have been metric for decades now, yet most of us are still bi-lingual.
Some parts of the world are a little behind, so if youíre very, very lucky, I might get round to converting for you, but if time doesn’t allow, get out your calculator.
Primitive, but part of the hunting experience, enjoy.
Iíve tried to measure apertures, where you might want to insert a chain or choker, email us if youíre not sure, try to measure what you have.

Finger/Ring size

We measure ring sizes alphabetically, except in the largest sizes, after X, Y, Z that then are done in numerals 1, 2, 3 etc.
If you have a small to average finger it will be alphabetical, not numerical in our part of the world at least.
Get your finger size measured at a jewellers, and mention if it is for a wide ring, or email us.