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1910 Half Penny Pendant

Sorry, this charming old coin has sold. (We may, however,  have some similar ones soon.)

A copper 1910 British 1/2 th Penny handset into a hinged slim Sterling Silver Pendant.

Featuring on one side a triumphant Britannia. On the reverse there is the profile of the bearded King Edward V11th.  

This coin has a smooth deep burnt umber patina with some underlying darker stains. So don't polish the actual coin as it has taken decades to acquire this colour and you wouldn't want it to look brand new !

However careful use of a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" on the silver will put the shine back on it when it starts to oxidize.

The silver suspension ring ( mm) will comfortably take a chord, chain or choker.

I realize this is not a particularly valuable coin, but it's refined sculptural qualities and nostalgia value have always appealed to me. (And what better souvenir of Australia than a wearable bit of its history.)

We took this old British coin to Indonesia where our Silversmith hand set it for us in Sterling Silver.

We had a number of different coins done and each is a one of a kind using a genuine coin we've collected over the years.



Age: Coin 1910, silver contemporary.

Size: H 38 mm x W 16 mm

Weight: 7 grams