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22 ct. Gold & Garnet Crucifix.

Sorry, this delightful crucifix is no longer available.

A superb old looking hand beaten 22 ct. gold Crucifix from Greece. The cross itself is raised and convex with filigree twirls and individual granules of gold applied in decorative clusters surrounding a central "cabachon" Garnet.

It could very easily pass as "Antique" but I believe it's probably less than a decade old.

The gold has a lovely "primitive" or historic feel, reminiscent of Roman and Medieval pieces. Also the use of smooth "cabachon" stones preceded the cut faceted ones, adding to the romance of this piece.

The colour and finish are real Gold, unpolished like you see in Museums, not the shiny sort you find in Contemporary Gold Jewellery Shops!

The suspension ring (bale) is about 5 mm allowing the use of a fine to medium chain or sik cord. (Imagine it sewn, hanging at your throat from a velvet choker.)

Age: Contemporary.

Size: H 62 mm x W  43 mm.

Weight:  9 grams.