AUD $98.00

Afghan, Broad Silver Flower Ring.

A very wide good silver band, decorated with worn twisted and squiggle wire decoration, supporting an embossed 8 petalled flower.

One petal is gone, caught and broken off, a long time ago but the main feature is the 6 small faceted translucent red glass stones surrounding an opaque pale turquoise glass centre.

These are very decorative as well as being an eye and therefore protecting the wearer from the roving gaze of the Evil Eye.

I’m assuming because of the richness of its decoration, that this is yet another variation of a Pashtun Nomads’ ring from the border regions of Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iran.

The silver has a worn smooth tone with a natural dark patina in all the recesses.

If you want, a careful polish with a dry polishing cloth would bring up the highlights more, contrasting well with the dark background.

To fit a medium/largish finger about a size “T+” (US19.5)

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: “T+” (US 19.5)

Weight: 10 grams.