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Afghan, Four Doves Earrings.

Sorry, this lovely pair of earrings is no longer available.

Here are a lovely pair of  silver two piece dangly earrings embossed with two pairs of "doves" standing beak to beak.

At the top shielding the wearable (normal thickness) hooks are a smaller pair of doves facing each other. Dangling beneath these a larger pair have across their base, seven rings supporting fine "loop in loop" chains each with an old worn red coral bead, of that mellow orange shade we love.

It may be a coincidence, but our source found these on a trip to Masari Sharif in North Central Afghanistan,and the Blue Mosque there is a pilgramage site that happens to be famous for its doves, all of which are white, it's said that any other coloured dove landing there will turn white within forty days.

They also seem to have a very Scandinavian or Russian fairytale feel to them.

They already have a relaxed patina in the recesses and will respond well to a light polish with a dry "silver polishing cloth" just to bring up their highlights.

Don't use liquid cleaners on them.

We were able to get a few variations on the dove and coral theme, so just do a search for "dove earrings" to find them.

Size: H 195 mm x 44 mm

Weight: 14 grams.