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Afghan, Kuchi Choker.

Sorry, this necklace is currently on hold. It may however become available in a few days, so stay tuned or email us.

Whilst we normally carry some "kuchi" (nomad) pieces in our showroom we try to confine our website stock to better quality silver nomad items. ("kuchi" whilst meaning "moving" or "nomadic" has become synonymous with cheaper pieces made from brassy alloys called "gilit")

However, this choker really appeals to me, it has such a rustic handmade-ness, so I've saved it for this website.

The use of embroidered colours and binding with a hint of metallic thread is unusual and quite eyecatching.

All the alterations and repairs are hand sewn, almost darned by its owner/wearer, running repairs done under duress, not the settled more leisurely quality of town life.

It does up with an old coin button and loop, and has numerous sculptural drops with the requisite jiggly discs each embossed with what may be ancient solar motifs.

Many of these discs have a central coloured glass stone, some are missing and some discs have been replaced with ones without stones. A few of the little knockers or tongues that hit against the discs are broken, but there are so many of everything that no missing bits will be noticed or missed.


Age: Late 20th Century.


Size L 420 mm x H 10 mm.


Weight: 261 grams.