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Turkoman,Turquoise Silver Ring

Sorry, this chunky ring is no longer available. We may however still have a similar one soon.


A chunky, sculptural silver ring decorated with wire twist and sqiggle borders, surrounding a very raised central rectangular cushion of palish Turquoise. The colour and patterning of this Turquoise, may indicate that it's not real (?)  but it might be, let's just say it's unusual and therefore a conversation starter ( of course the ring itself has a high "Gosh" factor.)

This stone is traditionally worn to ward off the Evil Eye, and has been for millenia.
A number of tiny "gaps" around the edge of the silver bezel are all due to wear and are part of its character, remember the “blow ups” are much larger than reality, and exagerate tiny faults terribly.

Although there is a bit of silver worn off this edge, it still holds the stone securely....unless you're going to treat it with disrespect and knock it around...remember Turquoise is relatively soft and doesn't like iltreatment or water!

Possibly Turkoman, at least in style, but most likely made by refugee silversmiths in Northern Afghanistan, late last century. (And when I say "Turkoman" it could be totally inaccurate, but we call them that in the shop, like a "knick name" to identify them, because of the "squiggles" !)

Very impressive on, but more comfortable on a slightly plump finger, as on a lean one it can press into the bones of the other fingers.
(Fleshy, feminine fingers are always easier to fit and more accomodating to rings.
They have solved “the knuckle problem” on skinny fingers.
That’s where, once you’ve got over the knuckle, then the ring, is loose and swivels. Being tall this one needs a firm fit to avoid swivelling)

This warm silver has a good contrast, I’ve given it a polish to bring up the richness of the silver, leaving the darker oxide in the grooves.
Feel free to use a polishing cloth on it when it needs it.

But don’t be fooled, it’s not solid silver, even if it is heavy, traditionally they fill it with a reinforcing resin. Minor knocks and knicks add to the overall character revealed as tiny dark marks when you polish the silver.

Apart from being rather bulky, I’d take it off to do anything practical, including washing, as sometimes water can get in under the stone undermining the “packing” that supports the stone, which may then slip in its setting.

In normal wear its quite sturdy, but just don’t over expose it to water.

Oh, on that note, another Tribal technique used in bulky rings, cuffs etc. involves a resin or bitumen filler.
These can melt when subjected to extreme heat, like for instance, in a shop window where the morning sun can get them.
(Over time you gradually gain experience.)

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: “W” (US 11 1/8)

Weight: 60 grams