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Afghan, Old Silver Pendant

Sorry, this old pendant is no longer available.

Here's an old silver cylindrical "false prayer box", it has the form of a prayer box but sealed closed, therefore unable to contain a prayer (the ends and sides are perforated)  

Having the appearance and visually imitating a prayerbox, it achieves that function warding off evil by this very imitation.

It's probably from Aghanistan, maybe Pakistan, more than likely Pashtun and has a lovely very worn patina.

The highpoints are worn smooth and there is a build up of oxide in the grooves that has taken a long time to accumulate, so don't use dips to polish it. If you feel you must, then gently polish it with a dry silver polishing cloth, to bring up these highlights.

With four wide suspension rings that are about 4mm high by 5 mm accross, these would work well with a cord or chain.

Age: Early/Mid 20th Century.

Size: L 57 mm x H 22 mm X Diameter 13 mm.

Weight: 19 grams.