AUD $110.00

Afghan, Round Brass Box.

An old lidded circular brass trinket box, from Afghanistan or Pakistan, it could be either it was bought on the border.

With compass inscribed rosette and borders of chiselled “diamonds” on the gently domed lid and a serrated edge for grip.

Could be used for storing anything small, but most probably as a “paan” box, used for storing ingredients used in the preparation of “paan”.

The inside shows residual traces of what might be tinning, which is usually associated with protecting substances for ingestion, seperating them from the brass.

The patina is a glowing “old gold” with areas of extra wear, like the serrated grip, being shinier than the base.

The reverse or bottom has a very simply inscribed borders and rosette, notice the glaring error where the scribe lost the plot.

There is also an old repair, where dark grey solder, reveals a rejoined crack.

Of course there are lots of minor scratches and dents, even an interior patch, all adding their own mark to it’s overall character.

Age: Mid 20 th Century.

Size: Diameter 72 mm x Depth 24 mm.

Weight: 126 grams.