AUD $98.00

Afghan, Silver Snuff Bottle.

This cylindrical silver “box” possibly for snuff or for carrying small items or messages.
Small enough to be tucked comfortably into clothing, this one has lightly decorated flat ends, but others have hemispherical ends like medicinal capsules.

With a tight fitting cap that twists then slides open, purely because it’s a tight fit, not because of threads or locks.
Decorated with diagonal bands of engraved scrolling vines on the body that swing horizontally around the cap.

The high content silver has a nice shine to it whilst the recesses are deeply patinated.
An ocassional light polish with a dry silver polishing cloth will keep it like this.

We may still have a few similar pieces, to see them try searching for "snuff bottles" on this site.

Age: Mid 20th Century, or earlier.

Size: L 83 mm x W 23 mm.

Weight: 38 grams.