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Afghan, Man's Wrist Cuff


A heavy, punched masculine cuff, probably Pashtun, from Afghanistan, decorated only with a rows of dark stamped "diamonds" contrasting with the raised plain silver surface. Basically a 16 mm band with a 28 mm the opening. (compare this with it’s pair, AC101)

Nice old chunky piece with good dull patina, simple and big enough, to appeal to males who want a tribal but "not showy" cuff.

It's a lower alloy of silver, with some brass, so it's harder and it's this relaxed tone with countless tiny scratches that appeal most to males. Of course it can be polished slightly, with a dry polishing cloth, to reveal all it’s minor knocks and scuffs.

Has a wider oval feel, well fitting a male “wider” wrist,
best to avoid remoulding it, more than slightly, just once.

Try gently opening the gap by inserting the thumb and forefinger of your other hand, stretching it slightly, then wriggling your other limp, or relaxed wrist (open hand, loose fingers) into the gap,
slowly wobbling or rolling the hand from side to rather than pushing.
Do it just behind that knobbly bone,
on your lower fore arm,
where you only have two bones to negotiate,
not lower, where all your tendons are !
Any force, tension or pushing tightens your tendons.
Just look at the difference on your tendons, as you open and close your fingers.

If you want to close it SLIGHTLY turn your wrist over and wrap your other hand around the cuff, leaving the opening uncovered (to let the energy escape, when you very gently apply pressure closing the gap.)

 DON'T LOCK IT as reopening will weaken and ultimately damage it.

Age: Mid/Late 20th century.

Size: Internal wrist size approximately 65 mm x 55 mm. (Gap 28 mm. Band width on wrist 16 mm)

Weight: 37 grams.