AUD $120.00

Afghan, Volley Ball Medal.

 We mistook this medal for the more obvious war medal, that it isn't.

On a proper inspection, where we actually read the engraving, it turns out to have been awarded on Afghanistan Day 1335 AH ( which is approx 1917 AD) to the winning Volleyball team!

It is a low grade alloy silver in colour only, it has only gained a soft grey patina in that time. Silver would be black by now.

The bar that supports it would have had about a 30mm wide ribbon suspending it. 

I would avoid over polishing it, as you don't want it to look new, at most a dry Silver Polishing Cloth occasionally, perhaps.

Age: 1335 AH ( Approx 1917 AD)

Size: H 85 mm x W 57 mm, Ribbon width 31 mm

Weight: 39 grams