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Ancient Agate Eye Bead.

Sorry, this old bead is no longer available. However, we may have other interesting old beads.

Here's an early classic "Evil Eye" bead, utilizing the natural colour bands of a striped agate. The stone has layers of off whites and translucent fawn browns. This bead is an ancient one from Bactria (Afghanistan/Pakistan), but would actually have been processed in the Indus Valley, one of the earliest civilisations situated in what is now Pakistan. (the stones themselves were often mined and traded from what is now India around Cambay, on the coast.)

We're now finding that this culture was a manufacturing and trading centre for stone beads, which were then traded throughout Mesopotamia, Tibet, Central and South East Asia.

With an agate like this you cut one way to get stripes or turn the stone round and cut the other way you create concentric circles. These circles are believed to be a powerful deterrent to Evil. (The Evil Eye averts its gaze when it meets a threatening eye or a mirror reflecting even its own eyes.) It is from these "natural" Eyes that the whole tradition has evolved.

Drilled with a hole of about 1 mm, it will take tiger tail for threading and wear, or possibly a silk thread but not a chain or choker. 

On the front face there are a trail of paler pits which are paler crystalline "blemishes", where these are actually polished into you get a pit.

On the reverse there is an area of encrustation  within the stone

Age: Circa 2,000 BC.

Size: L 22 mm x W  18 mm x D  13 mm.

Weight:  5 grams.