AUD $3,400.00

Roman Glass Bead Necklace.

These are a very rich mix of "Roman Glass" beads retrieved from Persia and Bactria. The quality is extraordinary with most of the beads encrusted from burial with a neutral bone or fawn crust. Some have been chipped or scraped to reveal the oxidized and brilliantly irridescent glass beneath (not unlike a multilayered gob stopper. This has resulted in "eyelike" circles in the polished "ivory" crust baring to view the colour and pattern underneath.)

"Roman Glass" is the term used to describe glass made in the period spanning about 100 BC to 800 AD. (After this until the 16th Century it's known as "Islamic Glass") It wasn't necessarily made in Rome itself, more usually in Syria and the Eastern Roman Empire after Rome itself had fallen.

Then after the rise of Islam in the 8th Century and its consequent annexation of the Middle East, it is called "Islamic Glass" up until about the 15th Century. Some of these unencrusted beads are probably younger, being "Islamic Glass" rather than Roman. (We may still have some other Islamic Glass beads on this site, just search.)

I've used the gold with them as it lends itself to the beads, whose colours range through soft creamy ivories, buffs and light tans revealing gentle milky aquas and turquoises. Some have soft patterns visible here and there. A couple even display peacocklike irridescence reminiscent of Lalique and Tiffany. You might get a glimpse of these in the closeup photos, as always they are better in person.

I've threaded these on strong "tiger tail" which is very durable but remember DON'T scrunch it as it will kink.

The catch or hook is finely granulated, handmade 22ct gold from India and the gold beads are a little older (Mid to late Last Century) 22ct gold foil over resin from Pakistan. (These "gold foil" beads are quite durable, unless you treat them roughly, which you wouldn't out of respect for the age and quality of the glass beads!)

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Age: Circa 100 BC to 800BC.

Size: 54 cm including hook. Largest bead is 13mm Diam.

Weight: 68 grams.