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Ancient Celtic Ring Coin Pendant

This old bronze ring is actually a predecessor of coins, made by Ancient Celts in Eastern Europe during their migrations.

I've taken it to Indonesia where they have hand set it in a simple Sterling Silver bale (suspenson ring) which has a 6 mm x 4 mm opening allowing you to wear it on either a chain or cord. (We'll pop it on an adjustable black cotton cord, we find it better than leather.)

These bronze rings are called "proto money" as they preceded coins. Like old Chinese coins they could be conveniently threaded onto a cord for carrying or storage. (Their safe portability may be a nomadic solution ?)

By all means carefully polish the silver with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth when it needs it.

But DON'T POLISH the bronze as all you will do is rub off its patina of age. Especially avoid chemicals, liquid cleaners and chlorine.

We've had a couple of these pendants made and each bronze ring is different both in size and thickness so have a look and choose your favourite.

I don't know how they were valued, it may even be that they were resmelted to be used as needed.

Age: circa 800 - 500 bc

Size: H 28 mm x W 19 mm.

Weight: 5 grams.