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Ancient Kushan Bronze Coin Pendant.

This hand made Sterling Silver Pendant has been made for us, set with an Ancient Bronze Coin from Bactria (now called Afghanistan,) from the Kushan Period. (Circa 125 BC – 357 AD)
The Kushans invaded from the North, coming out of China beating the Scythians then overrunning the Bactrian Empire that had continued after the death of Alexander the Great.
They adopted the Bactrian Greek text and are known for their Hellenistic influenced statuary and imagery as seen in Ghandaran Buddhism.
From India Buddhism became popular under the Emperor Kanisha (191 AD. – 225 AD.) spreading North to Central Asia, then East into China along the Silk Road.

This coin has an indistinct crab with text around the perimeter on its front, on the reverse is an image of an unclothed (?) standing figure, with arms lowered possibly a God.

Even when two coins have been struck from the same die, they vary.
This is because to produce a coin in ancient times a slug of red hot metal was struck between two engraved bronze dies.
The hot slug then squished out of shape between them, taking the detail onto its surface, and deforming horizontally in the process.
If these coins were more uniform it would be far easier for our silversmiths to set them.
As it is, it’s difficult fitting such random shapes and not accidently polishing the coin whilst finishing the silver.
Extreme care and skill is involved, in what we probably take for granted.
Whilst perfectly duplicating, matching designs and shapes indicate casting from a single original, which is certainly not the case with these coins.

We’ve deliberately left the backs open on these pendants to allow you to view the reverse of the coin for verification, although this one is pretty encrusted some traces of text and the hint of a crab are still visible.
The bronze has an excellent dark patina and an incomplete surface of encrustation, leave it alone.
Some will wear off revealing more dark bronze but don’t scratch it trying to remove the soil.
Let it happen by itself.

And certainly DON’T polish it!

The suspension ring is 3 mm wide to take a chain or fairly fine choker.

We may also have similar Ancient coins set in silver listed in our Modern Jewellery section, as the Sterling setting is contemporary.
 One example is a pendant AP118 another a ring AR132  using this same coin, there is more of the crab discernable on its reverse another ring is AR134.

Please note, too, stocks of these items are limited.

Age: Circa 125 BC – 357 AD.

Size: Diameter of coin/face 24 mm, 32 mm total length including suspension ring .

Weight: 11 grams.