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Ancient Kushan Bronze Ring.

Sorry, this ancient ring is no longer available. However, we may still have some very similar ones. 

 An ancient engraved oval bronze ring from the Kushan Empire of Northern India and Afghanistan.

Long buried the bronze has a very deep tone with a light green verdigris patina (mainly in the recesses, emphasizing the design nicely. The ridges are deep brown bronze, which can be enhanced with body oil simply by repeated rubbing with your thumb.)  

The engraving doesn't read easily  and it could even have been used as a seal as it would have reproduced well (you may decipher it by lightly pressing it into "blu tac" or damp clay and studying the resultant impression.)

Basically a flat oval set on two heavy shoulders, the flat face slicing the top two fifths of the circle off the 4 mm band.

This truncation always makes it difficult to measure its finger size accurately, but a Size "L.5" (US 6) knuckle will get through and a little plumpness would fill the extra space in the top corners.

But I wouldn't wear it a lot as the patina and encrustation would become scratched or wear off over time.

A customer has just bought one of these and has "polished" it by rubbing with her thumb, whilst bonding, the result is dark and shiny. (So light body oil is all that is needed.)

It surprises me how similar these are to Roman Bronze Rings of the same period, maybe just more evidence of trade and travel.


Age: 1st - 3rd Century AD.

Size: About a finger size of "L.5" (US 6) But with extra room in the corners to accomodate some extra flesh. The oval face measures 14 mm x 18 mm.

Weight: 5 grams.