AUD $72.00

"Ancient Kushan Coin" Ring.

This hand made Sterling Silver Ring has been made for us, in Indonesia, and set with a cast copy of an ancient Silver Coin from Afghanistan, from the Kushan Period. (125 BC – 357 AD)
The Kushans invaded from the North, coming out of China beating the Scythians then overrunning the Bactrian Empire that had continued after the death of Alexander the Great.
They adopted the Bactrian Greek text and are known for their Hellenistic influenced statuary and imagery as seen in Ghandaran Buddhism.
From India Buddhism became popular under the Emperor Kanisha (191 AD. – 225 AD.) spreading North, then East into China along the Silk Road.

This coin has an image of a a bearded profile (king or god) and a trident.

This is not an original Ancient coin but a copy casting taken from one.

However, only a few were made so it's not mass production, the original is a bronze, which we have also set as a silver ring. (see AR120, AR121 and AR122.)

Age: Copy of an original coin from circa 125 BC – 357 AD. (I’ve been told it dates from about 50 BC.)

Size: Diameter of coin 13 mm, finger size “T” (US ).

Weight: 7 grams.