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Ancient Lapis Neck

Sorry, this wonderful necklace is no longer available. We may, however, be able to make up a similar one soon.

A stunning necklace incorporating a mix of Ancient, Antique and Old Lapis Lazuli beads sourced in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Combined with lovely matte 22ct Gold foil over Resin, 20th Century beads from Pakistan.
All the Lapis though is quite old, and a large percentage will even date back to the Bactrian Era (300 bc to 200 ad.) Some may be earlier than that, as they have been mining Lapis in the same mines in NE Afghanistan for 5,000 years now.

There are a broad mixture of primitive boulderlike shapes amongst these beads, some very deep Ultramarine Blues, others streaked with paler tones and golden Pyrites flecks, it’s the variety and chunky age of these that appeals most. Very impressive.

The combination of Gold and Lapis is especially rich and always reminds me of the Egyptians, and Tutankhaman’s Mask (well, we were fooled there, only the eyeliner is real Lapis, the rest is Glass!) The Babylonians traded for Lapis dedicating shrines to “Ishtar, Our Lady of Lapis”, they also traded and gave it to the Egyptians. Medieval and Renaissance Christians used crushed Lapis as the Ultramarine blue pigment for painting the Madonnas’ robes, all from these same mines.

Once again, beads outlast the Civilizations, Kingdoms and Empires that wear them surviving millennia until they resurface again, for us to wear and appreciate.
I’ve threaded them on double Tiger Tail for extra strength, however, remember not to confine or scrunch them as this stainless steel thread can kink if compressed. As it stretches slightly over time I’d store them flat rather than hanging and have deliberately threaded them tightly to allow for this.

The “S” hook and rings are 22ct Gold Plated onto Sterling Silver.

Length including Hook: 57 cm

Weight: 81 grams