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Ancient Turquoise and Gold Necklace.

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A subtle blend of small old Turquoise beads, in many shades of blue greens, some very gently coloured.
Whilst nearly all of these are old, many are very old and some are ancient dating back to the first and second millenium B.C.
Sourced some years back in Pakistan and Afghanistan, most will have originated in Persia (or present day Iran.)

We’ve threaded them with two styles of old looking 22ct. gold beads, the rich old colour of real gold combining beautifully with the stones:
Round sculpted resin ones, covered in 22 ct. gold foil.
Hollow, hand scuplted flies (reminiscent of the flies found in Phoenician Temples dedicated to Ba’al, “The Lord of the Flies” or are they Bees, as are often seen in Egyptian jewellery?)

In fact I feel this combination has a very Egyptian feel, they would have loved it, as they went out of their way to source Turquoise, annexing Sinai to get it.
In a chamber above the mine there, they slept hoping to dream of Turquoise.
Their dreams determining which direction they should tunnel to reach the highly valued stones!
Its rarity and their desire for it produced all the “faience” and glass copies they made and wore.

Our rule of thumb is that paler, more matte or textured stones are more weathered and therefore older, whilst shinier, more brightly coloured ones tend to be younger.
When threading I usually remove any beads that have worn out and have become too fragile.
But don’t be rough with them they’ve lasted thousands of years, in some cases, so are due a bit of respect.

I also pick out newer substitutes or fillers, but leave the occassional one in for their contrast.
Generally the “richer” the mix, with a higher percentage of older stones, the higher the price.

The “pearl clasp” I’ve used is 9ct. gold and consequently a slightly different colour, but it will be worn at the back of the neck, and therefore out of sight.

Designed to be worn short around about the collar bone to show off its simplicity.

For strength I’ve specifically used Tiger Tail, to thread them, so don’t scrunch it or it will kink.
I tend to deliberately thread a litle tight to compensate for the inevitable stretching that eventually occurs during normal wear. Don’t pull on it as this will increase the stretch unnecessarily.

Turquoise generally is porous, so don’t expose it to solvents, chemicals or grease as it may change colour accordingly.

Age: A mixture including old and very old, back to around 1,000 b.c.

Size: L 450 mm, including clasp.

Weight: 13 grams.