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Antique African Amber

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This magnificent, long string of Antique African Amber contains a very "rich" mix of old Baltic Amber, various Copals and Phenolic Resin Ambers collected in West Africa.

The centre bead alone is stunning, worn and heavily pitted, with its bold repair filled with a dark resin, the others vary in colour and opacity.Those that sit haphazardly on the string are usually old with the interior hole worn and distorted, so that it is now elongated and off centre through long friction.

Others have received so many tiny scratches that their surfaces are matte, in the case of the translucent Baltic Amber ones a more recent chip might reveal their more familiar colour.

These beads are a collection representing decades and in some cases centuries of Trade with Europe and beyond.

The most recent are probably the more yellow ones which date back to around the Mid 20th Century and possibly earlier.

Because Amber is a resin not a stone this impressive necklace (much discussed in awed tones in our shop) is not too heavy to wear, although it is a little long, making it easier to pop straight over the head. It is threaded on a basic white cotton string, but you may want to rethread it using a black cord, if so let us know.

Also remember Amber is brittle so avoid dropping them, particularly on hard surfaces, some have over the years been repaired already, so you could hopefully fix a drop.

Ironically, old repaired Ambers are becoming highly collectable in their own right.

Age: 19th and 20th Century.

Size: L 940 mm (approx. as beads can settle in different positions affecting measurement) x W 43 mm, (Centre bead W 43 mm x W 34 mm.)

Weight:  336 grams