AUD $220.00

Afghan Brass Pan Box

A very old, heavy brass, lidded “pandan” (pan box) it would make a romantic jewellery box.
(Most probably it was made for storing the ingredients used in the consumption of pan; areca nut, betel nut and lime etc.)

The very deep patina on the brass and the style, date this piece to the 18th
or Early 19th century, (there was debate here, some suggest 17th century.)

Obviously, DON’T POLISH this piece!
(You would not only remove the age, but also the value!)

This round box is topped with a lid that is conical with a truncated/flat top.
(The hinge has been repaired, a long time ago, using a carefully bent old nail.
A now, totally compatible old nail, though!)

Borders of encircling incised diamonds and swirling foliate vines, surround the central flat top.

Here a lobed cross, with the same leaves, stands against a roughly hatched ground.

The delightful latch, has worn very smooth with handling, glowing with a worn warmth,whilst still retaining it’s patina.

Age: 18th/Early 19th century.

Size: W 110 mm x H 72 mm

Weight: 572 grams