AUD $280.00

Bactrian Conical Alabaster Cup

A small, plain Bactrian drinking vessel/cup, a truncated cone of turned stone, with a flat bottomed base, elegant in it’s simplicity.
A very comfortable design, easily held and stable on base.
Semi-opaque creamy alabaster, with overall surface pitting, from age and the manufacturing process.
In near excellent condition, with only two, very tiny, recent (?) chips on rim, (1 mm x 2 mm.)
Only a fraction lighter, than their surrounds, it’s almost invisible.
Seems almost quibbling to mention them.
Top Diam. 70 mm (2.8 ins.) Base Diam. 38 mm (1.5 ins.) Height 68 mm (2.6 ins.)

Age: Circa 2nd Millenium B.C.

Size: W 70mm x H 68mm

Weight: 151 grams