AUD $280.00

Bactrian Small Bronze "Lion/Horse" Weight

A small, lost wax cast (“cire perdue”) freestanding bronze weight.

In the form of a standing, stylized “Lion” with implied eyes, mouth and mane.

Age has given it a rich dark patina, with a greener matte tone on one side, the other is “cleaner” revealing the smooth, darkly patinated bronze surface.

No scratches, just some residual mud, mainly on the green side.

In excellent condition, with it’s deliberately incised, flaired front “hooves” it could actually be a Horse. (but the head is fuller and more Feline.)

I assume it was used as a weight, it may be a votive offering?

Age: Circa 300 BC – 400 AD.

Size: L 52mm x W 13mm x H 42 mm

Weight: 79 grams