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Bactrian Bronze "Cock" Makeup Bottle

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A very sophisticated, Lost Wax cast “cire perdue” bronze Kohl (Eye Makeup) Bottle, in the form of an alert, free standing Cock (Rooster).

The style is distinctive, having a Mayan/Chinese feel, with two seperate tails, combining to produce a very impressive 3D tail, of seperate plumes.

The feet have been knocked, one toe is bent, it stands unaided with a slight backward lean, in effect it nows “eyes” you, as roosters do.

The bronze has acquired a rich, darkly polished surface patina, with some residual mud in the incised grooves.

Initially I thought the comb was broken off and missing, the head ending quite abruptly, however on closer inspection, I’ve realised “the break” is a mud filled round hole.

My hand “recognized” the now familiar feel and weight of a “Kohl Bottle”, the hole containing the black mixture.

The missing applicator would have had the comb as a handle, I assume.

Age: Circa 300 BC to 400 AD

Size: L 47mm x W 15mm x H 54mm

Weight: 107 grams