AUD $560.00

Bactrian Small "Lidded" Bronze Makeup Bottle

Ancient bronze tripod bottle for storing and applying, “Kohl” a protective/medicinal black eyeliner.

Back in about 350 BC, some of “Alexander the Greats” Greek troops remained behind in Afghanistan, as his Empire broke up, forming their own kingdom, called Bactria, (after which the camels were named.)

This small oxidized bronze make up bottle is from that kingdom, having lain buried for “quite a while.”

Buddhism came west out of India, met up with Greek sculptors and took on it’s distinctive Ghandaran form there.

Remember the Bamian Standing Buddhas, that the Taliban blew up?

Well, that’s where and when we’re talking about.

Cast in “lost wax” this bottle stands on three legs, it was stable and free standing on uneven surfaces.

An intriguing small hole allowed suspension (this opens many possibilities, to be hung out of reach, when not in use?)

Under the dusty build up is a lovely old dark patinated surface, with a warm, use worn glow.

The woven decoration offers a good grip for the user.

The stopper is a tapered edgeless rod, used for applying the Kohl to the inside eyelid, refreshing tired eyes and forming the “Cleopatra line.”

Age: Circa 300 BC – 400 AD.

Size: W 50mm x H 123 mm

Weight: 156 grams