AUD $220.00

Ancient Islamic Bone "gaming piece"


Cylindrical, slightly tapered, hollow bone “gaming piece”, with incised bands and circles.

Similiar to Hittite compass inscribed pieces (fine circle with centre dot.)

The bone has then been filled with a “ceramic like” packing, and the top sculpted to a nipple.

Has obviously, been buried and still retains some residual mud.

In good condition, although the bone is finely split in three places, one complete, one half and one minor, on two opposite sides.

I’ve seen these discussed on Chess sites, however I only know it’s a Gaming Piece, at this point, it could easily be for Chess.

Age: Circa 10th Century AD.

Size: H 42 mm (1.7 ins.) x Base Diam. 24 mm (0.9 ins.)

Weight: 29 grams