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Ancient Bactrian "Banded Agate" Beads

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A very wearable, simple, “thick/ thin rhythm” of Old, Antique and Ancient beads, there’s a fine mix in this neck of worn, greyish/white/black and brown Banded Agate beads.

A cool, finely striped, soothing, neutral string, especially suited to grey or silver hair, matching every neutral outfit without competing in any way.

Probably originally worn for their beauty, rarity and, of course, for protection against Evil and Misfortune.

The stones were probably traded from here further into Mesopotamia, where the alluvial plains lacked stones, and beautifully patterned and striped stones, were highly valued.
(see Liu’s “Collectable Beads”)

For durability I thread on strong Tiger Tail, but don’t scrunch it up, or it will kink.

Abuse it and it will stretch, so considering their age, a bit of respect would enhance their beauty.

I’ve mixed them with small Antique Indian Silver beads, and a matching decorative silver “S” hook, these are at the very back.
Not visible from the front, which is purely, finely striped Agates, in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Once again, beads can outlast the Civilizations, Kingdoms and Empires that wear them, surviving millennia until they resurface again, for us to wear and appreciate.

Enjoy wearing them, I’ve enjoyed handling them.

Age: Old, Antique and Ancient. Back to Circa 2nd Millenium B.C.

Size: L 475 mm (18.7 ins. including “S” hook.)

Weight: 27 grams