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Ancient Bactrian "Bleached Agate" Beads

Sorry, these lovely beads are no longer available.

An exciting, light necklace with tri-angular Carnelian features, with bleached “tips” spaced with tiny Carnelian barrels, most with fine dots or lines, bleached into their surfaces.
Reminiscent of the feel achieved by the Zuni Turquoise and Heishi necklaces, and could be worn together comfortably.
Well worth a very close look, some of the colours, designs, details and textures are fascinating.
These beads date back to he Inus Valley Civilisations, and Bactria, post Alexander.
I’ve mixed them with small, fairly plain sterling silver beads, and a matching silver fob, from Indonesia and Thailand, these are at the very back, not visible from the front, which is just pure “stones”.

For durability, I thread on strong Tiger Tail, but don’t scrunch it up, or it will kink.
Abuse it and it will stretch, so considering their age, a bit of respect would enhance their beauty.

Some beads may be verging on fragile, though I try to vet them, so again don’t abuse them, possibly treat them as you would your pearls, and think how long they’ve already lasted!

Once again, beads can outlast the Civilizations, Kingdoms and Empires that wear them surviving millennia, until they resurface again, for us to wear and appreciate.

I hope you enjoy wearing them, as I’ve had a close look at them, and have enjoyed handling them.

Age: Old, Antique and Ancient. Back to Circa 2nd Millenium B.C.

Size: L 472 mm (18.6 ins. including Fob.)

Weight: 27 grams.