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Ancient Indus Valley, "Carved Shell & Stone" Beads

Sorry, but this fascinating necklace is no longer with us, it's gone to a good home.
A very interesting necklace, made up of smallish carved stone and shell tokens, spaced with various colours and shapes of tiny Old and Ancient Glass and Stone beads
(including banded agates, corals, carnelians, lapis lazuli, all tiny patterns, stripes and colours.)

Some of the “whitish” carved features have fine compass inscribed decorations of circles and dots, very similiar to Hitite designs.
Their surfaces are matte, and the edges dulled, due to fine scratching and wear over a long time. Featuring a central, old, knocked and chipped, fluted Rock Crystal Bead, which catches the light, twinkling, in contrast to the smaller details, of the banded agates etc.
Well worth, a very close look, as there are so many lovely little beads in this neck.

For durability I’ve threaded them on strong Tiger Tail, but don’t scrunch it up, or it will kink.
Abuse it and it will stretch, so considering their age, a bit of repect would further enhance their beauty.
I’ve mixed them with small granulated sterling silver beads, and a matching old decorative silver “S” hook, from Indonesia and Thailand. These are at the very back, not visible from the front, which is just a wreath of “creamy” shapes.

Once again, beads outlast the Civilizations, Kingdoms and Empires that wear them, surviving millennia, until they resurface again, for us to wear and appreciate.

Size: L 504 mm (19.8 ins. including “S” Hook.)

Age: Old, Antique and mostly Ancient. Back to Circa 2nd Millenium B.C.