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Brass "double" Oil Lamp

Sorry, this lovely piece is no longer available.

A rather special, old bronze oil lamp from Islamic Period Persia,
with a number of distinguishing features;

It’s double spouted lips would have doubled the flame, a comfy glow with twice the wattage.

Serrated bird’s tail (peacock, due to perforation in each feather) offers extra support, when carrying.

Hinged lid, raised base and two little side “wings”.

These wings continue the bird analogy, but also offer a well thought out grip when filling with oil.

To hold it nestled in the hand, it snuggly balances on these two wings and moulds to fit.

Quite a wonderfully refined form.

Reminiscent of our “Victorian” candle holders, that same portability, handle and stable base. But without the “tizz!”

The patina is warm with extra wear, on main contact points, adding extra “glow” to the metal.

A lovely piece, in fine condition, except for one tiny hairline crack (20 mm ) on the rim, to the right of the spouts, I’ve only just seen it, in bright sunlight, otherwise it has been invisible, so it’s very insignificant.

Age: Circa 12th-14th century.

Size: L 133mm x W 92mm x H 105mm

Weight: 401 grams.