AUD $400.00

Persian, Brass Funnel/Strainer

Another clever design, to enjoy.
An old brass funnel and strainer, with full engraving of three bands of Islamic Script and four ”quatre foils” (each enclosing a seated unveiled maiden, three holding bottles.)
These in turn are surrounded by flowers and borders of vines.
Good in the hand, as the raised lip aids grip, whilst accomodating a removable pierced brass strainer.
The engraved lip at bottom is “tinned”, all engraving has been blackened, showing off the raised dull brass design.
Lovely warm overall patina. You obviously do not polish an old piece like this!
I’m not sure what it’s actual use was, wine comes to mind, but more probably it’s juice, pomegranate perhaps.
The top has been trimmed, I think, leaving a fine band from a possible larger border.
In good condition, the top rim is a little knocked and the strainer, a round sheet of pierced brass, can now be removed, perhaps though, it originally was meant to be fixed (?)

Age: 19 th Century (or earlier ?)

Size: L 195 mm x W 88 mm

Weight: 145 Grams.