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Persian Simple Brass Oil Lamp

Sorry, this lovely little oil lamp is no longer available. We may however still have another oil lamp available.

Small brass oil lamp, clean simple “heart” shaped with engraved foliage.
Reminiscent of our “Victorian” candle holders, that same portability, handle and stable base.
Although without hte cloying “tizziness!”

A delightfully rich, dark patina, really nice feel, two dents and a nick in the handle and the lip.
There is however, one small thing, I would call damage, a fine crack where the top of the handle, joins the body.
It’s there, it’s old but it doesn’t affect the strength or stability of the piece.
Do NOT polish, this dark piece,
it’s pretty old and this deep patina is irreplacable.

Age: Circa 15th/16th century.

Size: L 120mm x W 64mm x H 50mm

Weight: 110 grams