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Afghan Leather Powderhorn

Sorry, this wondrous old Powder Horn is no longer available.
A truly magnificent old “barbarian” Gun Powder Horn.
A pear shaped, carved wooden bottle, covered in leather and reinforced with round iron studs, applied in patterns , garnished with patches of small brass sheets.
The leather is sewn with thonging at rear.
Wear worn and polished old wooden funnel/mouthpiece has a chip missing (but it can be turned from sight, when displayed.) All the metal is heavily oxidized and patinated with a very old colour.
This combined with dusty, dry leather could to all appearances be Medieval.
A Nomad or Horseman’s Powder Horn, made with available materials, with an interesting hole, right through the wooden spout, allowing a plug (missing) to be slid sideways, to block spillage.
Thereby facilitating faster/easier reloading, (up against the Russians in the Nineteenth century, their loading capabilities were Eighteenth Century.
Consequently they were conquered and exploited, the Turkoman Tribes were so brutalized they fled, to Persia, and ”they” were the tough guys of the steppes.)
Both the volume and size of this piece, denote a need to carry more than the usual amount of gunpowder, perhaps over a very long distance.

We have other examples of powderhorns and a musketball cast if they are still available, just do a search here on our site.

Age: 19th/ Early 20 th Century.

Size: L 250 mm x W 115 mm x H 68 mm

Weight: 378 grams