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Bactrian, Bronze Seal.

An ancient bronze seal from the Bactria Marghiana Archaelogical Complex (also known as the Oxus Civilisation) of the Karakum Desert in Southern Turkmenistan and the neighbouring countries, including Northern Afghanistan.

These circular bronze seals were owned and used by business women in a matriarchal Bronze Age culture on the trade routes of Central Asia, before the Silk Route officially began. It seems women ran the show and the Goddess was worshipped, that's before the men took over and God became a man.

I walked in on a documentary the other night where archaeologists were digging cities and graves in the Karakum and finding these seals  in rich powerful womens' graves, buried near their faces. (quite feasible if like this one it has a hole in the handle to be worn on a string around the neck.) You may have seen the squat seated grey stone Goddesses, with detachable white stone hands and heads, from the same culture.

This civilisation was only discovered, officially, in 1976 and has recently come to the attention of the West with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

If you look closely you will pick out two pairs of arching Ram's Horns which you still see in Tribal Embroideries and Jewellery of the region, in fact throughout Turkestan.

The seal is in pretty good condition except for considerable corrosive encrustation, from burial (which is understandable and to be expected) and one small chip in this crust revealing the rich Turquoise of the metal beneath.

You could carefully soak it in distilled water overnight to see if this encrustation will loosen, then gently use a soft tooth brush to see if you can easily remove some.

BUT don't get energetic with it in case you do damage.

Age: Circa 2200 BC.

Size: Diam 38 mm, H 38 mm, including handle.

Weight: 40 grams.