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Roman Glass Bead Necklace.

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This is quite simply a superb string of spherical, Ancient Glass Beads from the "Roman Period" (Circa 100 AD-800 AD, after which they are refered to as "Islamic Period" but they were found though, in Afghanistan. Basically that makes them Kushan or Sassanian, as "Roman Period" only refers to a time span, not an actual locality!)

Due to their long burial they have a shiny opaque, "ivory" crust coating them which is not unattractive in itself, but areas have chipped or been scraped away to reveal wonderful flashes of "Tiffany" irridescent glass beneath. Browse the photos and when you start seeing patches of peacock irridescence you'll understand what I'm refering to.

Remember, these photos can't capture the actual brilliance of the reality, you only get a glimpse. (As you can see, I've even taken them out into the sunlight.)

Some have concentric circles on them representing "eyes" to ward off Evil, run your nail over them, it it's smooth it is an actual "eye" if it has a sharp edge then it is an area that has been filed or scraped unconvering the layer of crust and glass underneath. (I'm told this happens to verify what's inside this crust, it just might be gold, you see.)

I've used a finely detailed handmade Indian 22ct Gold hook and rings, these combined with some primitive looking 22 ct Gold foil beads from Pakistan. These foil beads are gold foil applied to a resin core for strength and have heavily incised designs, which to me have an historical or timeless quality to them that is particularly sympathetic to these old Glass Beads. (As you can tell this sting is a personal favourite, some of the nicest beads I've worked with.)

I've threaded them on strong multi stranded stainless steel "tiger tail" so they're well threaded, but this wire can kink if bent sharply, SO DON'T! However as these beads are over a thousand years old they do deserve respect, so DON"T treat them badly.

I wouldn't wash them, drop them, scrunch them or stretch them

Age: Circa 100 AD-800 AD

Size: L 543 mm x W 14 mm.

Weight: 66 grams.