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Bactrian Turned Quartz Neck.

 Sorry, this wonderful necklace is no longer available, although we may still have a similar Bactrian Crystal one.

Here's a necklace of Ancient Bactrian Quartz Crystal beads, (from Bactria in what is now Iran/Afghanistan) mixed with "diamond shaped" softly striped Bactrian Agates and 22 kt Gold Foil beads. Featuring in the centre one very old, flat oval Porphyritic stone bead scattered with pale circular coral skeletons, with finely detailed centres.

These spotted stones from about 2,000 BC, were highly prized, traded like Lapis Lazuli and Agates down onto the alluvial plains of Mesopotamia where interesting patterned stones were a rarity. (There is a similar example in either "Collectable Beads" by Liu or "The History of Beads"  by Dubin )

The frosting of tiny scratches and pitting of these quite hard clear Quartz beads are not a fault, more the accumulated marks of age and character.

The hook is hand made 22 kt gold from India, with a line of fine granules and the plain 22 kt gold foil biconal beads are resin filled from Pakistan. This traditional resin reinforces them both helping to strengthen them and retain their shape. However, it may melt if exposed to extreme heat, like on a windowsill in summer, perhaps.

I've threaded these beads on extra durable double tiger tail (stainless steel threading wire) which is very strong, but kinks if you fold or scrunch it.


And being gold you won't need to polish them, perhaps just a gentle lengthwise wipe with a soft ,dry cloth when you take them off to remove any perspiration before it dries.

Age: Quartz, circa 200 BC, Coral, circa 2,000 BC, 22 kt Gold 20th Century.

Size: L 538 mm x W 35 mm.

Weight: 140 grams