AUD $90.00

Uzbek, Beaded Skull Cap

An enchanting square flat topped womans’ hat, from Bukhara, which is known for it’s lavish use of silver and gold threads.
Covered in intricate embroidery incorporating metallic threads, silver wire twists, sequins, golden glass tubes and coloured beads all sewn onto a glowing golden yellow ground.
The whole surface is filled with blossoms and leaves done in silver threadraised above the golden ground then infilling is done with gold glass tubes and fine silver wire spirals adding direction.
The sequins may have faded with age as they have a subtle friendly tone that turns on and off as the light catches them randomly.
This metallic embroidery is traditionally done by Bukharan men as it is felt that the metallic threads would tarnish if women handled them. (Just a little ironic when it is made for a woman.)
The overall effect is delightful as the light catches the glass tubes and reflects from the glowing randomly coloured sequins.
Lined in a simple printed cotton and edged with a comfortable black velvet rim, to sit on her rich dark hair.
Although made square it adapts comfortably to a rounder head.
I imagine this piece as a collectable or decor item, however if you’re lucky enough to fit it, then it will look glorious on. (Just wait till the light catches it…)
In wonderful condition, although a few sequins and the tiny beads holding sequins are missing, but hardly noticeable, as the eye is distracted and drawn around the design. (of the few of this style I've seen this is the best preserved of them.)

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: L 155 mm x W 155 mm x H 75 mm.

Weight: 127 grams