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Roman, Bronze Coin Pendant


Sorry, this fine old coin pendant is no longer available. However, we may receive some similar ones again soon.

Here we've taken an old Roman Bronze "follis" coin to Indonesia, to be handset in Sterling Silver as a pendant, for easy wear. This very deeply patinated bronze coin (almost black) dates back to circa 286 - 305 AD. The front features a profile of the Emperor Maximian (Maximianus on coin.) Set into a handmade Sterling Silver rim with a simple twisted wire edge and a hinged (6 mm) suspension ring. That would comfortably accomodate a cord, choker or chain.

We've deliberately left the back open so you can see the reverse of the coin, this reveals a standing, near naked standing Jupiter.

It was during the next Emperors' reign that Christianity was declared the state religion, so this is from the last fully Pagan Reign.

I'd be very careful polishing the silver with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth, avoiding polishing the bronze. If you do polish or scratch the patina off the bronze you will only reveal shiny fresh bronze that hasn't been exposed to air, which would be rather sad.

The detail and condition of this coin are very well preserved and cleanly defined.

Age: Contemporary silver, using a coin from around 300 AD.

Size: H 45 mm, including hinged loop, x W 32 mm

Weight: 6 grams