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Brooch, Oval Magnetite and Silver

Sorry, this subtle brooch is no longer available. However, we may still have a very similar one.
A large oval, gently domed Magnetite set in to a plain Sterling Silver Brooch.

Very restrained with an “old gold” veining running through a Haematite grey ground.

This subtlety is framed by a stepped, plain Sterling Silver edge that contains and defines it cleanly.

Magnetite is heavy so best worn on a medium to strong fabric.

No maintenence required, other than an occasional rub with a Silver Polishing Cloth, the stone itself doesn’t need any polishing.

Magnetite is magnetic, but not such as would cause any problems.

Handmade for us in Bali, to our design.

Age: Contemporary.

Size: W 43 mm x H 34 mm

Weight: 32 grams.