AUD $158.00

Brooch, Tibetan Turquoise.

An organically triangular, large, deep olive green, gently domed Tibetan Turquoise set in to a plain Sterling Silver Brooch.

Very rich with a “paler turquoise” mass and “green turquoise” spots scattered through, and cotrasting with, the bubbly deep grey, almost basalt matrix.

This deep subtlety is framed by a plain Sterling Silver edge, decorated with a simple border of applied small dics, that mimic the grain of the truquoise whilst outlining and defining the stone.

This brooch is fairly heavy, so it’s best worn on a medium to strong fabric.

No maintenence required, other than an occasional rub with a Silver Polishing cloth, the stone itself doesn’t need any polishing.

Though Turquoise does not like chemicals or washing, as sometimes it will affect the colour.

Handmade exclusively for us in Bali, to our design.

Age: Contemporary.

Size: W 37 mm x H 30 mm

Weight: 16 grams.