AUD $130.00

Bugis, Gilt Silver Pendant.


This round, lightly gilt silver pendant is decorated with chased sinuous flowers and foliage. It belongs to the "Bugis" peoples of Sulawesi, and would be worn suspended utilizing the central 6 mm hole. (Very similar but larger examples worn on chains in Thailand, are to be seen in " Ethic Jewellery")

This particular piece exhibits a heavy Chinese influence, a cultural evidence of long trade with the Chinese sailing to and from Indonesia. Examples have also been found in Sulawesi, of Gujurati woodblock printed fabrics (these have been treasured and preserved in Indonesian village collections, revered as hierlooms and resurfacing in or influencing old batik styles and designs. In many cases these pieces are the only examples remaining worldwide from a tradition of Indian textile trading that predates Imperial Rome.)

This pendant although made of silver has a very soft or pale gilding remaining, SO DON'T POLISH IT, as you'll only remove the gilt. At present it has a lovely mellow tone as though it has been washed with a hint of brass.

The central 6 mm hole would allow you to easily thread it onto a cord, perhaps using a nice bead as a "toggle"  then passing the cord back through the hole. Alternately, go through the bead then the hole, then up to the outside of the bead and back through the bead for a longer, flatter thread. I've included a shot of an easy thread I can do for you if you like, using a black cotton cord that looks like leather, but is's adjustable to go over your head, too.

I found a couple of these in Indonesia, if we still have them, to find them try BP100, BP102 and BP103.

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: Diam 50 mm hole 6 mm.

Weight: 7 grams