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Bukharan, Brass Water Ewer.

Sorry, this lovely piece is no longer available.

An intricately shaped brass Ewer (pouring vessel) from Bukhara, in Uzbekistan.

Part of the traditional Islamic welcoming ritual, where water is poured from this ewer over the guests outstretched hands (which of course mustn’t touch each other) the water is then shaken or flicked down onto the tray of the Hand Basin (see BH100) where the drops gather flowing down and disappearing through the pierced brass central raised grid.

Having washed his hands and drunk tea, the guest would now be able to eat any sweet meats or fruit that may be offered.

The techiques used to hand beat and raise such complicated shapes from sheet brass are rather daunting.
The cast dragon headed handle and spout are familar details often seen in Persia metalwork.

You can if you like polish this piece with a suitable brass cloth or liquid as it isn’t antique, however it currently has a slightly mellowed patina which will only get darker.

This Ewer and the matching Hand Basin into which the water was poured, both make evocative sculptural accents that form rich a focal point, suited to nearly all decors. (See the last image.)

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: W 250 mm x H 510 mm x D160 mm.

Weight: 2.074 kilograms. (That’s a lot so check with us about postage as it will also be a large parcel.)