AUD $300.00

Burmese, Buddhist Beads

Large ceramic and Gold Leaf Buddhist beads from Burma (Myanmar) coursely made and fired with impressed designs, each with a seated Buddha on a stepped platform, with random areas of Gold Leaf and rich, scorched Burnt Sienna and Umbery Black surfaces.

We’re not sure how old these may be, but probably the last half of last Century.
(But they look much older, and “golder” than in these images.)

There are 21 beads on this (new) string, so I’m assuming that they are only part of a “Mala” string (Buddhist “rosary” strings have 108 beads.)
Although a complete string would be a penance to wear, as that many would weigh too much.

These would make a lovely short string, quite comfortable when worn up near the neck.
The holes are about 3mm, so would take about a shoelace.

Avoid water, perfume or sprays though, any of them might damage this surface.

Age: Mid/Late 20 th Century

Size: Beads 25 cm (single bead 25 mm , basically an inch.)

Weight: 413 grams