AUD $78.00

Caucasian, Nielloed Silver Ring.

A squarish "signet ring" made of nielloed silver, where the silver has a design cut into it which is then filled with an mixture that blackens and sets hard during firing. The finished deign has dark "haematite" grey contrasting with the plain silver scrolling foliage.

It would have had three small stones in its face as the cavities remain, you could easily replace them with your own selection. Originally they were probably rich magenta pink faceted glass, as this seems to be their colour of choice.

I used to think these came from Bukhara, then I decided Pakistan but now I think they are from the Caucasus, just west of the Caspian Sea.

This is genuine "niello work" where the black is used to fill the cavities of the design, not just a surface stain as is sometimes used. This is proven where some has come out exposing the grooves, only a small percentage is exposed but enough to reveal its authenticity.

It is old, worn and knocked around, but not too much, which is what we all want in an old Tribal ring. Once again on blowing up the images I've found a scratch on the face which hadn't caught my naked eye, one that's not overly drastic in real life.

A gentle polish with a dry  Silver Polishing Cloth, but don't get carried away, best just to add a highlight.

Age: Mid/Late 20th century.

Size:"P" (US 7.5)

Weight: 10 grams