AUD $420.00

Chinese, Carved Jade Hand.


A solidly carved pale "celadon" jade clenched hand from China, with a hole in the wrist for attachment (to a statue) and another at right angles for holding something (sceptre etc.) The lower surface of the palm is engraved with a circle divided in four, with engraved chevrons.

The large right angled 16 mm hole means you can, at a pinch wear it as a pendant suspended on a leather, silk or cotton cord, or the more ambitious could use it in their own jewellery designs according to their skills.

There is some build up of grime in the engraved finger nails and knuckles, but this only enhances the pattern. You could of course, carefully wash it in warm water if you want, preferably in a plastic bowl rather than a hard basin. (But why would you ?)

Being jade it "retains its cool" staying colder than its surrrounds which make it a sensual pleasure to handle.

I don't know its original function, I assume it was part of a larger statue, either made in sections or combining different materials, either way its contemporary possibilities are fun. It would easily make a sculptural pendant worn on a simple cord.

Nor am I really sure of its age, it could be much older.

Age: 19th/Early 20th Century.

Size: H 33 mm, W 42 mm x D 31 mm. Hole 16 mm.

Weight: 59 grams.