AUD $360.00

Chinese Jade Citron Pendant

A subtly coloured late 19th Century Ching Dynasty Chinese Jade Pendant, in the shape of a "Buddha's Hand" Citron. It has been sensitively cut from a piece of Jade with areas of milky "olive" green and waxy off white, seperated by bands of caramel .

The "Buddha's Hand Citron" ( Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis) a member of the citrus family, has a very pithy fruit, savoured for it's perfumed skin which has a "rose lemon" scent and is used dried for perfuming clothes and papers.

Some thought and skill went into planning and cutting of this pendant to take advantage of the colours and patterning inherent to this particular piece of stone. The body of the fruit being off white with occasioanl olive green veining, the stalk atop the fruit is carefully carved using an olive vein in effect creating an olive green stalk on a whitish fruit. (a 1mm hole has been drilled under this twig to take a fine cord or silver (?) jump ring for suspension, should you decide to wear it.)

Being Jade it's refreshingly cold to the touch and solidly heavy to wear.




Age: 19th Century

Size: L 50 mm x W 35 mm X D 12 mm.

Weight: 41 grams