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Chinese, Jet Buddha Pendant

Sorry, this pendant is no longer available. 
An old black Jet pendant or bead, carved as a "Laughing Buddha" reclining in a seated posture with bare rounded stomach and chest. This bead was bought threaded on a string of Jade beads in the 70's and seperated to reuse the Jade.

It's time he was threaded up again.

Remember real Jet is hard to find and a piece like this that has been put away in good condition, for decades, is to be treasured.

That's why even though he has some age, he doesn't show it ! Also these photos blow him up far too much and you'll see far more detail than is visible to the naked eye, so don't be put off by these photos.

He is drilled for suspension behind his neck with two smallish 1.5 mm holes, they will take a cord or waxed thread but I suspect the centre where these two holes do meet will be rather tight.

Age: Mid 20th Century, possibly older.

Size: H 48 mm x W 42 mm x D 23 mm

Weight: 25 grams