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Chinese, "Ming" Porcelain Ring.

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This simple sterling ring is set with an almost circular shard of  "Ming Dynasty Porcelain" with an image of a playful "Fu Dog" in deep blue linework on a white ground.

This piece of broken crockery is said to have been retrieved from rivers, where broken bowls were thrown long ago in China.

Whether it is Ming (1368 - 1644) or Ch'ing (1644 - 1911) is arguable but even if it's Ch'ing it's still pretty old!

And as I'm constantly reminded by customers, it looks good and that's what counts. The slight irregularity of the ceramic having come from a curved bowl, means that the surface is not just flat and catches the light in a more organic flowing way.

The flat band of sterling silver would comfortably fit a finger sized just under Size "N" (US 6.5)

Age: Contemporary using antique ceramic piece.

Size: Diameter of face 23 mm, to fit a finger just under an "N" (US 6.5)

Weight: 8 grams